Lifting tables BOLZONI

Scissor lifting tables

Lift tables are used as ergonomic working stations for lifting and lowering loads at required heights in safe conditions for the operator. Used in feeding of processing machinery (in wood, plastic, glass, steel, ceramic) the sissor lift tables are often used in conveyor and packaging systems.
The lift tables are often applyed in airports, to load and unload pallets for aircrafts, luggages, and even vehicles. The lift table can solve many logistic problems and be used as a loading bay.
Main components are the top platform, the lower frame, the scissor system activated by one or more cylinders. Scissor lift tables have become a commonly used type of equipment in many different industries.
Lift tables are used as connection between different stages and represent the best solution for the manual load handling, in full observance of the European standards with regards to functioning, cost saving, safety and health of operators during work.