Kardex Remstar Vertical Buffer Module LR 35

Kardex Remstar vertical buffers optimize existing processes and spaces. They allow perfect interaction between storage, retrieval and assembly. They can be adapted to the individual needs of the storage space or stored goods. Vertical Buffer Family: More performance, more flexibility and more adaptability to scale your intralogistics.
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The rotating platform is a key element in the buffer module. It is inclined at an angle of 20⁰, making it ergonomic and accessible. The bin is always presented to the operator in an ergonomically optimal position.



While the operator is executing an order, the next bin or tray is prepared and placed in the back shelf of the rotating platform. Once the operator has completed the execution, the platform rotates 180⁰ and the next bean is ready for operation.


  • Vertical buffers can be easily connected to existing conveyor systems:
  • For manual storage and retrieval of bins and trays;
  • For automatic operations and transfer to the existing material flow;

The connection to the conveyor can be installed on different sides of the device, as needed.



The Servus ARC Communication Hardware combines incoming goods, warehousing, production and outgoing goods in an optimal and fast flow process.


Perfect hardware requires optimal software: WEB based - the efficient and high-performing software of Kardex Remstar supports you at every step.



  • Supplysuppliying the production line with wide range of items with differet characteristics, weight and size simultaneously
  • Buffer storage: intermediate storage intermediate of products in the assembly area;
  • Selectionthe system the can be used in the process of selecting and pre-assembling of items, needed for the assembly process;
  • Storage: the system creates new storage possibilities. For example - automation in cycle-dependent internal flow;



  • High productivity: Kardex Remstar LR35 significantly improves picking and sorting performance. With the integration of FramePick solution you can achieve reduced walking distance, space saving, less personnel and increased order picking performance. 
  • Energy efficient: Kardex Remstar LR35 uses only 1/3 of the energy compared to other systems;
  • Adaptation to stored goods: the system can operate with both - trays or storage bins;
  • Integrationthe system can be quickly and easily integrated into existing production, warehousing or software systems. Kardex Remstar LR35 connects to existing conveyor systems or to intra-logistics transport systems with or without an operator.
  • Management: LR 35 is controlled by an innovative touch screen that displays all the information in an easy and understandable way. The touch screen has a high resolution and allows faster control and significantly reduces the error rate.
  • Short implementation time: basically, no staff training time is required;
  • Securitythe high-value parts and items that you store and commission are stored safely and securely, thanks to the controlled access to the system;


Kardex Remstar LR 35  
Technical date Options
Performance*  - Several access openings per unit 
 - High order picking performance based on bin cycles and number of order lines   - Different access opening designs
 - Max. Total load 63t  - Automatic connections of existing conveyor technology
*Depending on unit design and process  - LED pointer
Bin  - Position indicator
 - Standart mini - load system campatible bins  - LED lighting
 - 600x640 mm (up to 640x440mm)  - Barcode scanner
 - Load 35kg/bin  - ESD version
Unit dimensions*  - Sokets and interfaces
 - Wight 1.920 to 10.470 mm  - Optical status signals
 - Dept 2350 mm  - Confirmation buttons
 - Height 3000 to 12 000 mm  - RFID scanner for user login
*Bin dimensions 600mm x 400 mm  - Vesa bracket for monitor
Unit vertical step  - Clearance control
 - 100mm step  - Preparations for fire protection system


Kardex Remstar vertical buffer module will become a successful Storage System for your warehouse. Select the Kardex Remstar vertical buffer module from STAMH.

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