Kardex Remstar Megamat RS

Automated vertical carousel using the paternoster principle. It uses the “goods to person” concept for goods with a high picking frequency.


Based on the way in which a paternoster works, the Megamat RS is an automated vertical carousel that provides quick and precise access to stored goods. The Megamat RS is especially suitable for frequently accessed goods, because it conveys the right carrier to the access opening via the shortest possible path.
The design of the Megamat RS offers maximum storage space on a minimal footprint. This facilitates efficiently designed work processes and also significantly raises productivity. The Megamat RS can easily be installed as a freestanding vertical carousel or integrated into a building over several floors up to a height of ten metres with more than one access opening. Each Megamat RS can be used as a stand-alone solution or connected to a networked system, thereby ensuring supreme efficiency, flexibility and individuality.

The Kardex Remstar Megamat RS is a secure investment in the future.

Energy-saving technology - Instead of recovering energy, avoid using it in the first place. Thanks to the perfect interaction between the electric motor, highly efficient transmission and precision- calibrated frequency converter, the Megamat RS now consumes up to 40 per cent less energy, thereby significantly cutting life cycle costs (TCO). 

Control system and software The Megamat RS is equipped with the Logicontrol® machine control system, which also provides a simple way of entering the world of software-supported warehouse management. That’s because managing storage locations, articles and stock – the classic tasks of any warehouse management software – is possible with Logicontrol without the need for additional expense and hardware. As a result, even operators of small, less complex storage spaces or stand-alone solutions now have the opportunity to optimise their material fl ow. With the “drive and view” feature, the system can also run without warehouse management. By optionally using Kardex Remstar Power Pick® Global software or other warehouse management systems, it is possible to permanently optimise storage spaces, stock and order picking performance. The orders are guided safely, quickly and precisely through the warehouse with the help of Power Pick Global and are promptly made available for shipping.

Benefits at a glance:

  • High cycle speed – fast access to all stored goods
  • Increased storage space thanks to highly dense storage facility
  • Able to keep pace with new innovations and future developments thanks to the modular system structure
  • Maximum use of space on a minimal footprint
  • Extensive safety features and ergonomic design
Technical information
Unit dimensions
Megamat RS 180 350 650
Wight 1875 to 3875 mm 1875 to 4275 mm 1875 to 4275 mm
Height           min. 2210 mm 2360 mm 2360 mm
max. 7510 mm 2360 mm 10010 mm
Depth 1251 mm 1271 mm 1311 mm
  1441 mm 1471 mm 1511 mm
  1631 mm 1671 mm 1711 mm
  Special demensions on reguest
Usable carrier dimensions
Unit Options (selections):
 - ESD design
 - Divided frame side panels
 - Several access opening
 - Position indicator
 - Additional data interfaces
 - Function profile for the ergonomi- cally affixing accessories
 - User managment
 - Multiple operating languages