Industrial vacuum cleaner КЕМАК VIGOR

Industrial vacuum cleaners for service shops, workshops and more

Professional Wet Dry vacuum 70 lt, with two or three double stage motors. Allows a comfortable suction of metal swarfs, wood tailings, debris, pieces of glass,
lubricating oil and waste deriving from mechanical manufacturing, is protected by a metal cone against direct impact of all kinds of debris creating the so called
cyclone effect.

Model KV702V KV703V
Application dry/wet dry/wet
Motors 2 3
Power 2 x 1200 - 1400 W 3 x 1200 - 1400 W
Vacuum depression 24 kPa 24 kPa
Air flow 450 m3/h 650 m3/h
Container 70 l 70 l
Sound level 68 dB (A) 70 dB (A)
Weight 28 kg 29 kg

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