Mobile racking
Mobile racking

Optimization of space. Ideal system for refrigerated or deep freeze rooms


The Mobile system racking is placed on guided mobile bases that move laterally, removing only the aisle that is needed at any given time. In order to be able to make the racking more compact, thereby considerably increasing storage capacity without compromising direct access to each pallet.

The bases are motorized and fitted with mechanisms to enable movement, electronic equipment and different safety systems to guarantee a safe and efficient operation. The rails of the mobile bases are set into the floor thus allowing fork-lifts to circulate. The bases move smoothly when the selected work aisle is open. The installations are generally made up of a combination of fixed and mobile racking units. The construction system used for fixed racking is the same as that used for conventional pallet racking.


  • Optimal use of the available space;
  • Increased capacity of the warehouse by removing the aisles and opening only the aisle that is needed at any given time;
  • Ideal for cold chambers, both refrigerators and freezers;
  • Thanks to the considerable savings in space the initial difference in cost compared to other systems is recovered very quickly

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