Automated storage system for pallets
Automated storage system for pallets

Automated storage system for pallets-Stacker cranes for pallets


Stacker cranes are machines designed for the automated storage of materials by the means of automated mechanical movements. Materials and entered and extracted in the same movement (this is known as a combined cycle). This increases the productivity of the installation at the same time as reducing the resources for it to function.

Modern technologies used in logistics systems and processes enable users to dramatically improve the efficiency of the storage, handling, preparation and dispatch of all types of goods. Automated warehouses and material handling systems give companies great advantages in respect of cost reduction, improved productivity and superior services.


  • High productivity and speedy dispatch
  • Economy in labor costs – due to reduction in fork-lift truck drivers, preparers and administrative staff
  • Reduction in maintenance costs – building’s structure and floor requirements doesn’t play substantial role in cost calculation
  • Total safety of personnel – these installations are designed for low level of human interventions
  • Absolute load safety – due to inaccessibility to goods, elimination of unknown loss, goods are stored in perfect state
  • Permanent inventory – the system is equipped with management software which enables all the goods to be identified and controlled.
  • Maximum use of space – due to compact storage of goods, reduction of built-up area and optimized use of height available

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