Automated storage system for boxes
Automated storage system for boxes

Automated storage system for boxes-Stacker cranes for boxes.


This is the optimum system for handling boxes for picking, following the “product to man” concept.

The stacker crane is the device in charge of performing the location and extraction operations of the boxes in the racking, along with transporting and depositing them in picking & handling area of the warehouse. Stacker cranes move in two ways: longitudinally, up and down the aisle guided on a rail and vertically when locating the boxes in the different levels and/or depths of the racking.

The racking is designed to adapt perfectly to the movement of the stacker crane and for the high-bay storage of boxes. Its design enables greater use of space and an increase in the storage capacity by optimizing the movements of the stacker crane.


  • Swift and reliable handling
  • Automation of product entry and exit operators
  • Elimination of errors resulting from the manual management of the warehouse
  • Control and update of warehouse management
  • Operating 365 days a year
  • Quick payback of investment


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