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Project Stamh - Modern Materials Handling - Distribution Center for the Meat Industry

Distribution Center for salami in Poltava region, Ukraine

The main features of the project are enough clear for logistics experts and meat processing managers to assess its scope and therefore we only list the capabilities of the Distribution Center.

Medium-day expedition:

- 140 tons of salami + 10 tons of side production (yellow cheese)

- 4000 orders for small retail, picking on single pices; Orders from large chains with box-picking; Wholesale orders with box-picking;

- Preparation of orders: within 16 hours, along with receipt of orders

- Delivery of orders: within 8 hours, along with their preparation

Maximum daily expedition: + 25% of the average daily.


- 300 tonnes of unlabelled packaged products, in E2 plastic cartridges, waiting for labeling

- 200 tons of finished products packaged and labeled, queuing picking of the orders. Technical possibility to increase this buffer to 500 tons.

- 300 tons ready palettized orders waiting for expedition.


- For packaged non-labeled products: plastic cartridges E2; Stacked on europallets;

- For finished packaged labeled products: plastic cartridges E2; Stacked on europallets;

- for orders: E2 plastic cassettes and boxes of different sizes; Are arranged on wooden euro pallets

- for the routes: wooden euro pallets

Full computer control (in automatic, semi-autonomous and manual mode):

- on each packing peace of salami, and each unit of tare: individual bar code;

- for each order and each route: individual bar code;

- specialized equipment (scanners, check-weighers, etc.);

- organizational arrangements for commissioning orders, stacking them on pallets, grouping them on routes; Processing of the retour, etc .;

- complete control and management of each process: with the help of specialized software. Full integration with enterprise ERP.

Various storage equipment: Modules special design for piece and cardboard picking, gravity racks, motor and non-motorized conveyors, checkweighers, cargo lifts, box assembly machines, front racks, dockers, electric trucks, etc.

Building: 2-storey, ready-made.

During the design, STAMH Ltd enjoyed the full cooperation of the Client.

Delivery of the project: The Spring of 2017



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