Diesel road sweeper DULEVO 7000

High performance, cost savings and low emissions.

Dulevo 7500 is a large truck mounted machine for cleaning of urban areas and roads. Due to the strong suction, the machine can collect any waste - dust, light materials and heavy and bulky objects. The Dulevo 7500 sweeper has an independent auxiliary engine that guarantees high performance in all conditions, low emissions, flexibility, low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs. 

Main advantages:

  • The low position of the water tank guarantees the stability of the vehicle
  • Auxiliary opening at the suction cup to allow passage of bulky materials (bottles, stones, bricks, cans, etc.)
  • Automatic lifting of the sweeping system when reversing
  • The suction mount is internally vulcanized to ensure longer duration and easier passage of the collected material
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Stability and even weight distribution due to the integration of the water tank at the bottom of the container


Model DULEVO 7500
Truck chassis


EURO6C 185 kW

Auxiliary engine

Diesel engine


Cleaning width with two brushes 2200 mm
Productivity 44 000 m2/h
Container 6000 l
Water tank  2100 l

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