Strapping machine CYKLOP M-PAC V

The quiet, low-maintenance and energy-efficient strapping machine.

The CYKLOP M-PAC V is the latest semi-automatic strapping machine. The M-Pac V is used for strapping various packages with PP strap. The M-Pac V has a direct drive with fewer moving parts and therefore lower maintenance costs. The M-Pac V is a silent strapping machine (57 dB) and therefore also suitable for use in an office environment. It is suitable for most industries, logistics centers and hubs where it is necessary to form small to medium sized "packs" of a product (cartons, newspapers, etc.) that are in small to medium series. CYKLOP M-PAC V is also widely used in individually packing equipment and power tools for safety.

  • For PP strap 5 – 16 mm
  • Mobile, with swivel wheels
  • Quiet, only 57 dB
  • Adjustable working height
  • Hinged table top

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