KARDEX BULGARIA - 13 ways to do more with less

13 ways to do more with less 

Here you will find 13 points of useful information to help you get the most out of managing your stock.

Many organizations are reviewing their current material handling strategies and related operations, asking themselves, “How can we do more with less?” A little more of “this” and a little less of “this” may be the perfect recipe for maximizing material processing efficiency, leading to reduced operating costs and higher levels of productivity. Here are 13 points of useful information to get the best for your material management processes.

  • First: More parts in less space: Not many organizations are building new facilities these days - the tendency is to do more with the existing space. Organizations trying to use every inch of space often consider vertical carousels and vertical lift modules (VLMs) to be the most appropriate because of their high storage density - often saving up to 85% of floor space.
  • Second: Higher productivity and efficiency with fewer people: If there are many workers crossing the warehouse for parts, it would be possible to increase productivity. By delivering goods directly to the worker, more orders can be processed in less time, allowing organizations to execute more orders using less labor.
  • Third: More accuracy with less errors: People are not perfect, but light-indicating technology can improve picking accuracy by up to 99.9%. The light indication guides the operator to the correct picking site, indicating the quantity of goods, thus eliminating the fuss around the picking process.  
  • Fourth: More picking and less walking: Analyze the amount of time a worker spends walking and searching through shelving units. This is a lost time that needs to be used for more valuable tasks, such as grouping goods and marking. The introduction of a dynamic picking system that supplies parts to the worker virtually eliminates walking and searching time, leaving more time for picking.
  • Fifth: More door orders in less time: Batch order processing reduces picking time and increases productivity. Each time an order is executed, the worker visits the known storage locations several times to complete several orders, moving to and from the place each time. When picking up a batch, the worker visits the same place at the same time and receives a large enough quantity to fulfill multiple orders, which saves time.
  • Sixth: More automation and less manual labor: Printing and distributing picking lists throughout the whole facility during the entire picking process is a disadvantage. RF scanners, light-indicating technology and dynamic picking solutions make the use of paper dive lists a thing of the past.

Inventory management software, such as FastPic5, can manage all transactions electronically by integrating with the light indication system and producing inventory management reports.

  • Seventh: More security with fewer losses: Products stored on racks and shelves are at high risk of loss or theft. Vertical carousels and vertical lift modules are equipped with door valves to keep goods stored in an organized and secure manner. In addition, FastPic5 inventory management software can monitor the goods and submit detailed reports.
  • Eighth: More security with less damage to the product: With traditional racks and shelves, goods are exposed to the effects of the environment and to the risk of damage. When using vertical carousels and vertical lift modules, the products are stored inside the machines on separate shelves and trays or bins, thus reducing the risk of product damage.
  • Ninth: More revenue-generating activities, less storage space: Integrating dynamic storage systems can result in 85% savings in floor space. The free area can be better utilized by expanding revenue-generating activities such as additional production or adding quality control.
  • Tenth: Better organization with less fuss: It's difficult and time-consuming to figure out where to store each part, how to optimize space and maximize efficiency. FastPic5 inventory management software manages space, directs the operator where to place a part in order to achieve maximum storage and organization density.
  • Eleventh: Greener, with less energy: In an effort to become “greener”, organizations seek to use the space available instead of building on a green lawn. Vertical carousels and vertical lift modules allow organizations to save up to 85% of floor space by providing heat and light in a smaller area and reducing energy and maintenance costs.
  • Twelfth: More ergonomics with less risk of injury: Vertical carousels and vertical lift modules eliminate the need for walking, bending, reaching and squatting, which are often associated with racking. Working on the “Goods to the man” principle, the parts are delivered to the operator at an ergonomic height, thus reducing the possibility of workers' compensation payments, creating a safe working environment.
  • Thirteenth: More success with less stress: Vertical carousels and vertical lift modules can offer fast, accurate and efficient storage, creating the precondition for a successful business with less stress!

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