How to maximize the use of space with a minimum investment cost?

  • Industry - Manufacturing, Plastic Processing 
  • The customer – Gotmar EOOD is a privately owned Bulgarian company whose main activity is plastic processing. The company offers complete packaging solutions - from design development through matrix design to production of the final product.
  • Problem - In connection with the expansion of their business, Gotmar asked us to provide a solution to expand the existing production hall space. A complex final solution was sought without reconstruction of the existing building at an optimal cost. 
  • Solution of STAM LTD - STAM LTD designed, supplied and installed a maximum number of non-standard gravity racks between the supporting columns in the warehouse.

During the implementation of the individual project for Gotmar Ltd., STAM LTD specialists solved several project-specific problems related to the construction. As the main requirement was maximum use of space, racks were installed between the supporting columns. The existing 6-7 cm deviations in the height of the columns necessitated additional calculations and provision of a leveling system so that the pallets would move on the rails without a problem. Another problem was the floor of the building, which has a slope of 0.5%. During the designing process, STAM LTD engineers took this fact into account when calculating the system and maintained the required 4% slope of the gravity racks.

The mobile pallet system is one of the most functional solutions for increasing the capacity of a warehouse without compromising the direct access to each pallet. The racking structure is located on mobile bases, and the bases in turn on rails fixed in the floor.